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7 Free Tools for Sharing Files with Students
7 Free Tools for Sharing Files with Students

The education system has changed dramatically since the outbreak of the pandemic. If earlier only a small part of teachers knew how to use the Internet competently and gave students access to materials through gadgets, now it is the responsibility of all teachers. And in order to keep up with your colleagues, you should initially understand what services can help you with sharing files with students. In fact, if you understand it well, you can find many good file sharing and other sites on the Internet, so you just have to choose the best one. This list includes sites that your students may already be familiar with, which will make the learning process easier and more enjoyable. In addition, all of these services use cloud storage technologies and provide free storage and easy file sharing. These companies offer several gigabytes of free memory, which will be enough for working with texts, spreadsheets, and presentations. #1 Facebook It's strange to see Facebook in the list of file hosting services, but there are several reasons for this choice. First, the company recently added file-sharing functionality to all Facebook chats. That is, you can upload the necessary files for your students to learn better, such as music, word, and .exe files. Secondly, most of your students will likely be familiar with using Facebook, which will make your communication much easier. However, there are also disadvantages, the file size is limited to only 25 Mb, but this should be enough for you. After all, you can always use additional services that help to reduce the volume of the document and images inside it. #2 Dropbox It is one of the largest file hosting services on the Internet, which has gained popularity due to its simple use and rather powerful capabilities. In order to share any document with your students, you just need to create a free Dropbox account and select a folder on your computer. As a result, any file that falls into this folder will be automatically saved on the Internet, which will allow you to easily provide download links to students. Another big plus is the ability to use Dropbox for students without creating an account. They only need a download link. #3 It is Dropbox's main rival, which offers similar services. For example, every file that is stored in your account can be easily downloaded by your students using download links. In addition, the company provides users with 5 GB of free storage, which should be enough for educational purposes. If you've used Dropbox but for some reason didn't work for you, try #4 Studocu Studocu allows students to keep and organize all of their study material in one place. You can also access the books, lectures, class notes of other users in order to explore your knowledge on a certain topic. In case you want to test your proficiency in a subject, you can also use the exam preparation questions available on the platform. #5 Google Drive An excellent file sharing service with rich functionality and a large amount of free memory. However, a prerequisite is that the recipient has a Google account because google drive is linked to all other services of the company. If all the conditions are met, then you get 15 GB of free memory at your disposal, as well as the ability to almost instantly exchange files with students. #6 Microsoft OneDrive Another file hosting service that connects the work of various services of the company, but from Microsoft. OneDrive is a cloud-based platform with the ability to share and connect all other services from Microsoft. Simply put, it is one of the best collaboration options. In addition, you get 7GB of free memory, but if you follow the promotions closely, you can get up to 100GB. #7 SugarSync Also, a good alternative for students and teachers, as the company provides 5 GB of free disk space with all the functions. The ability to share files is also a big plus. You can give your students access to entire folders by simply clicking on them. Of course, there are even more settings there and all of them should be dealt with separately. Conclusion Being a teacher is not an easy task, and being a teacher in a pandemic is generally overwhelming. Even if you first sit down at a computer and do not know how to convey the necessary information to students, all you need to do is read this article and try some of the services presented. All the applications that were mentioned in the article are free and quite functional, which undoubtedly brings them to the top in popularity. In addition, students will certainly appreciate it if they receive their homework on Facebook or directly via email.

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8 Ways How Students Can Protect Money from Online Scammers
8 Ways How Students Can Protect Money from Online Scammers

We live in unpredictable and insecure times specifically due to being exposed to so many different social mediums and websites that are full of ads and scams. The number of cyber-attacks and hackings has increased in the last year by substantial numbers. In particular, the number of college scams has also increased. College students are at the beginning of their lives and are just figuring out their future. They’re generally more susceptible to online college scams. Students already have so much on their plate like figuring out accommodation, their college tuition, etc. They don’t need the added stress of online scams. It’s not just college students that are in danger of being scammed online and losing money, so how do you deal with online scammers and how do you protect yourself against scammers? 8 Ways How Students Can Avoid Online Scammers 1.Tackle Online College Scams for Financial Aid and Scholarships Finding the right scholarship or financial aid is a stressful exercise and that is why many fall prey to scams related to these. Consultants may charge you an outrageous amount of money to fill your form or may make an offer that requires your bank account details that they can use for future scams. Beware of such websites and requests. Keep track of all the scholarships you are applying to and always find official websites to look for your financial aid. Never give out personal information on the web or call. 2.Avoid College Scams Based on Employment Being in college means you are one step closer to being independent and earning for yourself. And what is better than a job offer that lands in your email and pays well? This is one of the most basic online college scams. You can have people reaching out to offer scam jobs that lead you nowhere. They will call to get your personal information and then use it for a scam later on. Beware of shady websites and email addresses asking for your financial details. 3.Use a VPN When Using Public Networks As a student you may be in the frequent habit of using public Wi-Fi. This is the most insecure thing you can do. This will expose your laptop to malware and hacks easily. You should always use a VPN that connects to a US VPN server which will route all traffic interacting with your machine to a remote server before getting in touch with you. You can try out the VeePN VPN and opt for a free trial to see the benefits. Public Wi-Fi can also be a cam in itself. It can ask for your personal information that can be used in online college scams. 4.Stay Away from Credit Card Scams College students can become easy victims to credit card scams. Many scammers can disguise themselves as credit card companies in order to steal your data for later use. These scammers can even indulge in identity theft and they can easily access your personal information from other channels. It is important that you do a background check for everyone that asks for your personal and financial information. You can never be too careful with money. 5.Be Wary of Connection Requests from Fake People We all know at least one friend that loves indulging in creating fake profiles to troll others but there are serious scammers out there that orchestrate full blown online college scams by creating fake profiles and impersonating people. Beware of such people and before you accept a request from such a person, please take a look at the profile and how long ago it was created. Is there any personal or authentic content shared on the profile? Does the person have genuine friends online and engagement with his posts and comments? Do not ever give out your personal information on social media and use a VPN server location to connect to social networks. 6.Always Shred Sensitive Documents Being a new college student means a lot of documentation that has crucial personal information on it. You should never leave these lying around the dorm room or a cafe. Always keep them in a secure place or get rid of them by shredding them if you don’t need them anymore. You will be surprised how this data can be used in an online college scam with you as the obvious victim. The other option is to carefully scan each document and save the electronic copy in a safe online vault. This copy can be printed later if needed. 7.Be Wary of Apartment Scams Getting out of college may mean a new job and the ability to get a new apartment. Scamming real estate agents can use apartment listings to get your attention and get your personal information. If a listing looks outrageously unrealistic. It probably is. You need to do your research before you buy into such schemes. Only trust authentic and well-known real estate websites and agents for your housing needs. 8. Avoid Oversharing in General Many online college scams find their foundation in the victim talking loosely about their assets and personal information. Whether you are in a bar or with friends at a party. Never talk to people that you don’t trust with your life about your banking information or any such data that can be used against you. Tips to Avoid Losing Money in College Scams Do not share your personal information with unknown people Research companies and individuals before providing detailed personal information for credit cards, job applications and housing. Do not access private accounts on a Public Wi-Fi without using a VPN for a secure connection. Make sure you add that extra layer of protection on your social media and email accounts. Online scams are no joke. They are real and responsible for many college students losing their savings and hard-earned money. It is important to always use a VPN when you are browsing the internet to be safe from hackers getting your information. You also need to make sure you leave no stone unturned when it comes to hiding your personal information. Remember, you cannot trust everyone with your bank account information or any other information. Keep these things very private and away from prying eyes. Be wary of people indulging you in conversations that lead you to divulge such information easily.

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Top Scholarships For Students Living With Or Studying HIV, AIDS
Top Scholarships For Students Living With Or Studying HIV, AIDS

In years past analysis of HIV could easily cause a student to completely give up on chasing their college education. HIV/AIDS treatments were partial and the future for people who had contracted the disease was frequently far from rosy. But years of study have headed to new cures and treatments that are aiding HIV patients to live long and productive lives. Today, an HIV analysis should not disrupt a student’s concepts for the prospect, and should not stop them from following and finishing their college education. While the viewpoint for HIV patients has massively enhanced, the charges of treatment are still challenging. Students who have been diagnosed with HIV face a greater economic load than the majority of their classmates and are likely to find it problematic to build a suitable college fund. Luckily, there is an unpredictability of allowances manageable that can offer HIV/AIDS patients the money they require to endure their post-secondary education. These scholarships are classically sponsored by generousorganizations and private donations, as well as colleges and universities. TheCapital City Aids Fundsupports theHelenVeress-MitchellScholarship. The program is intended to help students with HIV follow their post-secondary education at a public college, technical school, or four-year university. The CCAF is a charitable society, and the scholarship is completely needy on private donations. Award quantities vary according to the availability of funds. TheJames and Colin Lee Wozumi Scholarship offers economic support to students who classify as gay, lesbian or transgendered who have been analyzed with HIV. To be qualified, students must be inhabitants of Idaho, Alaska, Oregon, Montana, or Washington. The program is managed by thePride Foundation, and attentive students can apply through the foundation’s website. TheRobert Westwood Scholarshipis open to all students with HIV who are registered atSan Francisco State University. Candidates must be registered at least half-time and must have a minimum GPA of 3.0. The all-out annual award is $2400. TheHarold A. McIntosh Scholarship for Students Living with HIV/AIDSis reinforced by theOhio State University GLBT Alumni Society. A one-time award of $1500 is obtainable to HIV-positive students registered at Ohio State University based on academic attainment and monetary need. ThePositive Futures Scholarshipis obtainable to students who are registered at theUniversity of Colorado Boulder. The scholarship delivers a one-time award of $1500 to students who have been identified with HIV. One scholarship is awarded every year, and candidates must have a least GPA of 3.0. Attentive students should contact the Office ofFinancial Aid at the University of Colorado Boulder. TheJanis Morrow Scholarshipis managed byP KIDS Online. The program proposes financial help to students with long-lasting communicable diseases, comprising HIV/AIDS, who may not otherwise be able to afford to comprehensive their education. Candidates must succumb two letters of reference, a letter of receipt from their college or university, and a physician’s report specifying their long-lasting condition. Award sums differ and are strong-minded based on the economic requirement. Funding Chances for Heath Care Benefactors In addition to the many scholarship chances obtainable to students with HIV/AIDS, there are several agendas devoted to providing economic help to students who are following degrees and careers in the healthcare commerce with a stress on the treatment and anticipation of HIV/AIDS. These curriculums are more partial in their scope, and will only smear to those students registered in a degree program in nurture or healthcare at Accredited College or university. These studentshipsmark the economic requirements of future healthcare benefactors and do not unavoidably need the candidates to be HIV positive themselves. TheUCSF School of Nursingmanages theOsher Scholars Programwhich is intended to give economic support to nursing students who are dedicated to working with under-served inhabitants. Two $15,000 scholarships are awarded per year. Candidates must have a least 3.0 GPA and must prove a promise to help the susceptible and under-represented. TheUniversity Of Central FloridaCollege Of Nursingoffers theDr. Christopher W. Blackwell AwardedAllowance for Advanced Practice in HIV/AIDS. Candidates must be full or part-time graduate students at the UCF College of Nursing and must have a least 3.5 GPA. Candidates must also submit a 500-word article telling their tenacity to work with HIV-positive patients. Award sums differ. Students following careers in the healthcare business, with stress on working with HIV/AIDS patients, will want to interact with their school's office of economic aid for info on scholarships and allowances which may be appropriate to their areas. Analysis of HIV needs no longer be a barricade to a long and creative life. Students who have constrictedHIV are no longer required to set sideways their enlightening and expert determinations.

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7 Cool Tips to Get Scholarships to Study Abroad
7 Cool Tips to Get Scholarships to Study Abroad

Finding, making use of and triumphing scholarships isn't easy. If it was, all and sundry might be rolling in it, debt loses and dwelling their exceptional college existence! Because it's now no longer the very best element within side the world. Here's a listing of beneficial hints to help youget scholarships to study abroad. 1. Get Motivated The first step toget scholarships to study abroad isall approximately you. The will and the inducement to make an effort to go looking and follow for awards wishes to return from inside YOU. Yes, I recognize this sounds distinctly cheesy. However, it's true. No possible try this for you. It would be best if you were inclined to place within side the attempt and the hours in case you need toget scholarships to study abroad. Approximately it, that's simply the way it is going. Your alternatives are to take out a loan, paintings throughout faculty, orscholarships to study abroad. Which of these sounds like the exceptional option? 2. Budget Your Time Effectively You're tamped up to use toget scholarships to study abroad. Awesome! Now, it's vital to finances a while on your week to seek and follow for them. The fact is that locating the exceptionalscholarships to study abroad 2022for you are might be time-consuming. The extra attempt you placed into looking and making use of for awards, the much less opposition you'll face. Having to place attempts into programs and the time concerned in writing an essay or accumulating reference letters places loads of humans from making use of it. Don't be one of these humans. Try to finances at the least 3 hours every week closer to looking and making use of for awards, and you'll be the manner in advance of the pack. 3. Contact your Financial Aid Office If you are still in high school, you will need to form a group with your driving counselor. Suppose you're approximate to graduate from excessive faculty or are already attending post-secondary, and need to recognize approximately investment possibilities at a university or college. In that case, you could touch thescholarships to study abroad, office. These places of work are installation for the only cause of supporting you discover a useful economic resource, so take gain in their services. 4. Understand the Requirements Remember after I started to apply some time wherein it will be maximum precious to you? Don't spend some time making use of awards that you're now no longer simply eligible toget scholarship to study abroad after 12th. You are probably sitting thinking, "duh, manifestly", however, we see many award programs from humans who've certainly no enterprise making use of that award! Don't permit that to be you. Read the eligibility necessities very carefully. If you're now no longer certain approximately the means of one of the necessities, or now no longer certain if it applies to you, asks the administrator before applyingfor scholarships to study abroad. 5. Don't Forget About the Smaller Awards Manifestly triumphing $10,000 is a whole lot extra attractive than triumphing $2,000. I get that. But I'm additionally quite certain that everybody else agrees. That's the problem. Everyone wishes that $10,000 award, and now no longer the $2,000 award. Any award with an excessive fee prize goes to be extraordinarily competitive, making it plenty much less probably, which you'll have a threat at triumphing. It is wherein it turns into vital to head for the smaller awards. You'll have plenty better threat of triumphing, because of thisthe attempt you placed into making use of can be rewarded. 6. Be Persistent and Don't Give Up The key to succeeding at something in existence is persistence! (Look at all of the first-rate existence training you're gaining knowledge of via way of means of studying this article!). The identical will make use of toget scholarships to study abroad. Don't be discouraged if you don't win the primary 3, 5, or ten awards you follow for! Keep attempting, and sooner or later, the difficult paintings pay off. It's additionally vital toget scholarships to study abroadto notice that new scholarships and awards arise for the year! Keep checking for brand spanking new awards throughout the year; you by no means recognize what you would possibly pass over out on in case you don't. 7. Sign Up for Scholarships Canada If you're in search of a searchable database of lots of awards and want toget scholarships to study abroad,but appearance no further! The site's cognizance is on Canadian schools. However, many establishments provide awards for college students who need to observe overseas or participate in an alternate program. Scholarships Canada is simple to apply: simply signal up, fill out a profile and get matched robotically to scholarships and bursaries that fit you. If you are scanning in the United States, try Fast Web, a similar provider with knowledge of the United States. Conclusion Searching for a methodology toget scholarships to study abroadis simply one small part of your adventure to observe overseas, intending to be complete with pleasure and challenges. Make the maximum of sometime -paintings difficult to discover the cash you need, and make your dream of analyzing out of the country a reality.

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7 Tips for Students to Stay Safe While Studying Abroad Alone
7 Tips for Students to Stay Safe While Studying Abroad Alone

Today's university college students are on their way. Many observe overseas or locate it tough to tour and rush foreign places at each opportunity. Studying abroad by yourself may be very rewarding, however being a visitor in another country isn't always without its dangers. Europe, America and Canada are usually the excellent locations for college students to go. However, college students need to be cautious as they cross and observe. Here are seven pointers to make certain a studying abroad alone is fun, green and secure 1. Research Your Destination One of the excellent matters you could do is put together to investigate your destination for studying abroad alone. U.S. Department of State frequently opinions tour pointers for every student. These pointers offer designated records on what components of America are secure. 2. Get A Grasp Of Local Customs When you plan on studying abroad alone, pay near interest to neighborhood legal guidelines or customs. Many international locations have strict legal guidelines concerning drug use that would result in extreme imprisonment. In international locations wherein alcohol is broadly consumed, there can be exceptional legal guidelines or customs concerning drunkenness or public indecision. In a few international locations you need to additionally be in particular cautious approximately discussing touchy subjects, in a few instances illegally. For example, Americans had been arrested for assisting Tibetan independence in China. In a few severe instances, the mere point out of unlawful subjects is visible as a guide for terrorism, inclusive of guide for Kurdish independence in Turkey. 3. BeReady For Emergencies You can store a virtual reproduction on your cellphone or tablet when going to study abroad alone. In the occasion that a file is misplaced or stolen, having a duplicate assist you to retrieve new files very quickly. Read some primary terms in the neighborhood language to get assist or to tell your physician approximately allergies. 4. Protect Your Health The Centers for Disease Control andPrevention keeps an internet site with tourists' records approximately typically endorsed vaccines and medicinal drugs. If you're nervous about studying abroad alone, go to a neighborhood tourism health facility or pupil fitness center. Health specialists at those clinics can suggest you on positive medicinal drugs that can be unlawful in a few international locations. It is unlawful in many nations to deliver medicines, so having well enough resources is vital. It is viable that your fashionable medical health insurance will now no longer cowl you out of doors when studying abroad alone. Usually your financial institution or credit score card can offer you with tour insurance. To go looking with providers, head to a website. 5. Be ‘Digitally Secure’ It is a superb concept to have a lock display lock code at the cross whilst your cell phone is stolen. Additionally, many offerings inclusive of Google Find My Phone will can help you remotely erase your cell phone if it receives misplaced or stolen. In international locations with excessive net get admission to and excessive crime rates. Using a digital non-public network, or a VPN carrier, also can be useful whilst journeying overseas and connecting to the net from nameless networks when studying abroad alone. This could be high-priced immediately. However, in case you are the use of your device, you may want to make certain that your cell phone is grew to become on and could paintings in that us of a. Some tourists will deliver a cell hotspot with roaming carrier or rely upon open Wi-Fi that is in many nations. 6. Take Your Protection Seriously Some of the crimes that tourists fall into, inclusive of looting and theft, are due to distractions and uncertainty. Keep music of your private property and shield them whilst they may be now no longer to your eyes when studying abroad alone. 7. Stay Away From Social Problems Avoid becoming a member of or attending massive circles or shows. In a few instances, neighborhood selectors may also use the occasion as a distraction. If you're a U.S. citizen, check in with the State Department STEP program. This will check in you as a foreigner and you may get hold of protection indicators and indicators earlier than and at some stage in your experience. If something happens, it's going to allow them to realize you're at domestic and you can want assist. If you've got bought tour insurance, a lot of the ones guidelines will assist you get overseas if the state of affairs will become greater dangerous when studying abroad alone. A student could have a beneficial and secure experience of studying abroad alone by applying the prescribed safety rules that apply at home, such as being observant of your surroundings, avoiding travelling alone, especially at night, keeping a tight lookon your personal possessions, and partying responsibly, as well as paying attention tothese seven essential tips.

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