Studying Abroad: How To Keep Your Scholarship And Stay In The Dating Game

Moving to a different country for work, or studying for a scholarship, can present many challenges. Aside from focusing on progressing towards your qualification, you’ll have to get used to local languages and culture. On top of all this, your mental health and wellbeing will benefit from maintaining a positive social life. When studying abroad, balancing your scholarship with seeking a partner might seem a tricky proposition. Here we provide some tips towards achieving this.

Essential Tips for Building Relationships While Study Abroad

If you are eager to make the most of your potential for studying abroad, the best tip is to develop a relationship with locals. The ideal way to do this is visiting online platforms. In the modern world, there are a lot of options for making friends o relationships, as the development of services for online dating does not stand still. Reaching out socially will put you in touch with so many interesting people. Whether this attachment becomes romantic or purely spiritual, it’s always good to know there are always people you can rely on. Before you’ve made the arrangements to relocate, you could embark on this quest by checking out dating options online. Sometimes you just need to shake it up and go on a casual date to get your thoughts out of the way.

There are so many websites and apps catering to the demands and desires of singles, and no matter whether you are drawn to straight partners, LGBT individuals, or more nuanced aspects of relationships such as age-gap or interracial dating, you’ll easily track down the most appropriate resource. Almost all of dating services offer free registration, which is ample incentive to sign up and create a profile, then begin searching for potential contacts in the country where you’ll be undertaking your scholarship. There will be secure communication channels where you can reach out to whoever sounds most appealing, based on their dating profile and approachability.

There are all sorts of scholarships available, with students being drawn to subjects as diverse as nursing or careers in finance or marketing. Depending on your chosen topic, it would be beneficial to contact already someone local who could show you around your new adopted town or city. As well as smoothing the transition into the place you’re going to be calling home for the next while, there might be the prospect of sparks of romantic chemistry – which would be a tremendous incentive to stick in at your scholarship and ensure you are not going to be leaving for the foreseeable future.

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Maintaining a Current Situation

What if you are already in a committed relationship you wish to maintain while undertaking this scholarship? The key to managing this would be your agreement with each other and trust. Technologies such as Zoom, Skye, and FaceTime provide an excellent method of ensuring regular communication, even when some distance separates you. And thanks to online dating, the myth of the impossibility of long-distance relationships has already been dispelled in the modern world.

If you decide to end the relationship, then the main thing is not to dwell on a negative attitude towards this situation, because you are at the beginning of your life path. Again, remember the availability of dating sites that can help to arrange dates in your neighborhood and overcome loneliness abroad.

Finding the Right Balance Between Study and Leisure

The trickiest action of all is always balancing the daily activities with your evening and weekend pursuits. The key to achieving a manageable situation is to take a step back and work on your scholarship timetable the weekend before each new week commences. Once you have created a strict regime for guaranteeing your full devotion to this aspect of your stay, you can proceed to factor in aspects of your personal life. You should aim to prioritize your commitments to studying and the requirements you have to attend your place of sponsorship. But there must always be blank spaces in your calendar where you can devote time to fostering romantic and social connections. It might be that a particular date coincides with a memorable local anniversary or perhaps an annual festival. With a certain amount of creative planning, you should aim to re-arrange your diary accordingly. It would be a shame to miss out on some important event, especially if this would negatively affect your partnership.


Making the most of the opportunities offered by scholarships can sometimes seem overwhelming. People fall into the trap of thinking this should become their sole focus if they wish to avoid the worst-case scenario: failing to keep up with their studies and derailing their career prospects. But the key to success is far simpler than going full throttle at your studies. Everyone needs to unwind, and finding love will help you cope much better with the demands of your scholarship. Following your straightforward study-life balance will allow you to both achieve success at work and play.