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GBRI  Scholarship
GBRI Scholarship

Announces LEED & WELL AP Scholarships and FREE Sustainability Webinars for Students & Professionals From Around the World COVID-19 has hit every aspect of society around the world really hard. No one body has been unaffected by it, whether it be physically, financially, socially, or emotionally. People around the world need support, even more, this year as the economic devastation from the pandemic continues to claim lives and jobs intensifying the economic divide. GBRI has just announced severalscholarships for young professionals and students preparing for LEED Green Associate, LEED AP, or WELL AP exams or seeking continuing education to maintain their credentials. To expedite the process, there is no application process like they would normally have, instead, GBRI encourages the interested applicants to use the honor system. On the scholarship page (provided below), GBRI has listed scholarship codes that applicants could use when registering for their CE or Exam Prep courses. Depending on the code applicants enter, the shopping cart will automatically reduce the out-of-pocket cost by 30%-100%. To be more specific, users can get up to 50% for CE courses and up to 100% for all exam prep courses. GBRI’s exam prep packages are all-inclusive. In addition, GBRI has hosted 2 FREE webinars this month; one on HVAC Strategies to slow-down the spread of COVID and the other on Climate Change and Health. Both webinars are approved by AIA and USGBC for CE credits. At its 10-year anniversary, GBRI is all about giving back.“We’re committed to building strong and vibrant communities where we live and work. We want our communities — and the people and small businesses that bring them to life — to prosper, and we want to help them reach their goals,” says Felicia Fuller, Dir. of Operations at GBRI. Learning Hub@GBRI redefines sustainability with 100s of course videos, articles, and training materials from topics ranging from green buildings and LEED, WELL, Energy Modeling, BIM, Climate Change, Biophilic Design, and Corporate Social Responsibility. Currently, GBRI offers all-inclusive exam prep packages for LEED Green Associate, LEED AP BD+C, LEED AP O+M, and WELL AP Credentials. All-inclusive packages are equipped with everything needed to pass the exam on the first try including 100s of practice questions and mock exams. About GBRI GBRI is an online Sustainability Education Provider founded with the belief that the best way to encourage responsible development is to provide resources to the builders, designers, and engineers who are crafting the future. Its mission is to make sustainability resources affordable and accessible to everyone across the globe. Related Links Address: 1732 1st Ave 20278 New York, NY 10128 Michelle Crawford GBRI +1 210-858-7783

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10 Best Websites to Find Scholarships (Part 2)
10 Best Websites to Find Scholarships (Part 2)

Financial constraints should not bind a brilliant mind. I believe that information on admission and financial aid should be easily accessible by the students when there are thousands of ways to study what you want, even when you do not have enough money to pay then; why this knowledge is not transparent. To change that, we have enlisted the ten best websites to find the scholarship you could visit to find a suitable college and scholarship. See More:Websites To Apply For Scholarships (P2) Top Websites for Scholarships Created in 1998, not only helps you with scholarships but provides complete knowledge of the financial aid system. Regular data updates, a quick feedback response system, easy search engine are some of the most popular website qualities. In just two decades, they have created one of the largest scholarship databases on the internet. With 16 million registered users, they engage about one million visitors per month. They adapt according to the different cycles of various scholarships to make it easier for you. CollegeNET is a Portland, Oregon-based company that helps students search for a scholarship that suits them. It uses Mach 25 scholarship search engine, online admission software, career services, recruitment, and management tools to make it possible for you to catch your dreams. Established in 1979, they have provided 2.5 million dollars to the students till now. Along with scholarships, they allow video interviewing systems for admissions, career services, and on-campus hiring. Along with that, credentials verification and delivery, credential security, and engagement programs. Fastweb connects you to scholarships, colleges, financial aids, and much more. It has a targeted scholarship search system that narrows down your search area conveniently. FAFSA and the financial aid system not only aid you but empower you with knowledge so you can make your own decisions. It provides you 1.5 million scholarship options with over 3.4 billion worth of scholarship. It also arms you with knowledge of internships and part-time jobs you can try, about 10,000 part-time jobs in top industries. Sallie Mae is a versatile website. It provides you with knowledge on various subjects such as student loans, parent loans, scholarships, college search, etc. . In 2018, they provided 500,000 dollars through scholarships, contests, and sweepstakes. They consider themselves bank with the purpose. Their purpose is to help families fund their child's education. The loans they provide is private student's loan. It is a website that does not limit itself to college scholarships. It provides you information on school search, college search, places to live K-12 to grad school, quizzes, places to work, etc. . With 140 million reviews and ratings, they provide an in-depth search of school profiles and scholarships. The last year's record of 50 million visiting and registered users on the platform. With 11 billion worth of scholarships, the database provides information not only on scholarships but also on schools and colleges. It helps you compare colleges according to their specification. It helps the students look for scholarships and students who want to transfer from one college to another. It also has a progress tracker, which makes you realize what your chances are to get admission to the college of your choosing. Find is a go-to guide for college financial aid. Along with the scholarship, grants, and loans, FinAid also helps you with finding part-time jobs to help students with expenses. It has a huge database of 1.5 billion scholarships worth 3.4 billion dollars. Even if you do not get your match at the time, you will receive an email notification when a scholarship of your choice is launched. JLV College Counseling Jessica Velasco, a former admissions officer, started the JLV college initially for counseling purposes. Now it has become a center of knowledge for parents, guardians, and students for admission and financial aid information. It takes less than 30 seconds to find more than a dozen scholarships that match your preference. Moolahspot consists of a database of 3.2 million different scholarships. You can personalize the search according to your requirement of college specification and your financial situation. The newly revamped scholarship monkey website provides three types of search: scholarship lists, keywords, and a personalized search. List search consists of a wide variety of 60 majors. Clicking on each major will further open several different scholarship programs. It provides a brief description of award amount and duration, application deadline, desired SAT score and GPA, specific schools, and majors. Conclusion Mentioned websites are a few of the most popular and easily accessible sources to find a scholarship. Apart from these, we would like to mention that whatever college you wish to apply do not forget to check in with them regarding financial aid. The colleges and communities also have several programs in place to help students. Do not let capital deficiency stop you from excelling in your chosen field.

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Things Students Need to Know During COVID-19
Things Students Need to Know During COVID-19

You might be wondering how the COVID-19 emergency affects your federal financial aid if you have federal student loans. Tuition refunds and credits, emergency grants for emergency loans, and enrollment flexibility are among the relief measures provided by the US Department of Education (ED). Continue reading to learn more about these relief methods, as well as information on moving schools or deferring your next term. 1.You Will be Entitled to Educational cost Discounts and Credits Some schools shuttered as a result of COVID-19, and many classes were relocated online or canceled. As a result, your school may issue you a refund or a credit that you can use to pay down existing student loan debt or to cover future education-related expenses. Contact the bursar's office or your financial aid office for more information about your school's current policies. You can cancel your loan without paying any interest or fees if you do so within 120 days of receiving the funds. You can return part of the aid you got to lessen your total sum owed if you accepted a bigger loan amount to help pay for room and board but your situation has changed due to COVID-19. 2.Federal Money related Help Is Available COVID-19 emergency awards totaling more than $18 billion were just made available to current college or career school students. If your school participates in federal student aid programs, you may be eligible for emergency funding to cover costs incurred as a result of the coronavirus outbreak. Food, housing, course materials, technology, health care, and child care are all examples of expenses that may be covered by the funds. These awards must be provided in cash (which could include a pre-paid card or another electronic method) and should be utilized to cover essential expenses at your discretion. Without your agreement, your school could not apply your grant to an outstanding balance on your account. Furthermore, these grants should not be taken into account when determining your financial assistance eligibility or award. 3.There are Adaptabilities for Proceeding Enrollment Amid COVID-19 Leave of Absence has been approved. Your school may have provided you the opportunity to request a leave of absence if your study abroad program was canceled or you became unwell. Your school may transfer the financial aid you got for that semester to your following term if you are allowed such a leave. To learn more about your school's current leave of absence policies and financial aid possibilities, contact the financial aid office. To keep receiving federal student help, you must achieve your school's standards for satisfactory academic progress (SAP) toward a degree or certificate. Completing a specified number of credits in a certain amount of time, as well as satisfying minimal grade point average (GPA) requirements, are examples of satisfactory academic progress. If you suspect COVID-19 is to blame for your inability to complete enough courses or achieve minimal GPA criteria, contact the school's financial aid office and explain your circumstances. COVID-19 emergency relief flexibility allows a school to remove credits that a student was unable to finish as a result of COVID-19. 4.There’s a 0% Intrigued Rate Period Interest on student loans controlled by the US Department of Education is temporarily set at 0% from March 13, 2020, through January 31, 2022. (ED). Direct Unsubsidized Loans, which ordinarily accumulate interest while you're in school, are included in this 0% interest rate advantage. Follow these procedures to figure out what kind of loans you have: Go to and look at your dashboard. On the off chance that ED possesses your loan(s), you'll take note of "Office OF ED" sometime recently the advance servicer's title. These are the credits that qualify for a 0% intrigued rate. Regular intrigued rates will apply when the 0% intrigued term wraps up. Intrigued rates are calculated depending on the date your advances were at first dispensed (paid out). Always be beyond any doubt merely as it borrowed what you require. Utilize College Scorecard to assist you to figure out how much you'll bear to borrow for school. It contains information on your possible earnings after completing particular disciplines of study for some schools. 5.Don’t Exchange Schools Without Investigating First If you're thinking about switching schools or enrolling at a different school during COVID-19, use College Scorecard to look up school-specific information. If you're looking for a school in your neighborhood, go to College Scorecard and click "Show Me Options," then "Schools Near Me," to find schools within a certain distance of your current location. If you transfer schools, discover if your new school offers financial help through the FAFSA® form, and update your FAFSA with your new school's information. Before moving schools, seek advice and weigh all of your possibilities. Make beyond any doubt to check how numerous credits the unused school would acknowledge based on past work.

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Reasons Why Rich Students Get More Financial Aid Than Poor Ones
Reasons Why Rich Students Get More Financial Aid Than Poor Ones

According to experts, colleges are progressively spending more to entice wealthy students with scholarships based entirely on academic or other achievements. And it's leaving people who need it the most with fewer options for financing their education. According to a 2019 report on non-federal aid by the National Center for Education Statistics, students in the highest 25 percent income range received more non-federal financial aid ($11,300) on average than students in all other income levels, including those in the lowest 25 percent income range ($7,500). Here's why universities give wealthy students more aid and how students with financial needss can make the most of their options. The Washington Post published an article by Stephen Burd on his report on financial help at 339 schools. Private and public institutions are adopting a "high tuition, high assistance" strategy to compete with one another, according to Stephen Burd, senior writer and editor of higher education at New America, a nonprofit, nonpartisan think tank. Private universities are known for their high expenses, but public colleges are increasingly joining the game by hiking costs and attempting to recruit out-of-state students who pay more to attend. He continues, "It is derailing public higher education and undermining why we have a public higher education system in the first place." Colleges need wealthier understudies According to experts, affluent students receive more school help than students in financial need because institutions aggressively pursue them. Schools are providing non-need-based merit aid to attract wealthy students, particularly those who are high-achieving. “Better prepared students, higher graduation rates, and a better possibility of recruiting students who would eventually contribute back to the college – that is the reward system in place,” Van Der Werf adds, noting that there is no such reward system for assisting low-income students. Colleges prefer students who will help them improve their rankings, and wealthy students frequently have attributes that meet the criteria. Rankings are always based in part on performance metrics: for example, U.S. News & World Report's annual rankings consider academic accomplishment and high SAT scores. According to a Brookings Institution analysis of SAT data, wealthier students perform better on them. College completion is another component in rankings; according to national data, students from low-income schools are slightly less likely to graduate than students from high-income schools. Schools are competing Private and public institutions are adopting a "high tuition, high assistance" strategy to compete with one another, according to Stephen Burd, senior writer and editor of higher education at New America, a nonprofit, nonpartisan think tank. Private universities are known for their high expenses, but public colleges are increasingly joining the game by hiking costs and attempting to recruit out-of-state students who pay more to attend. He continues, "It is derailing public higher education and undermining why we have a public higher education system in the first place." Money related help budgets are constrained Families rely on financial aid to help pay for college – according to Sallie Mae's most recent "How America Pays for College" report, financial aid such as scholarships and grants covers around one-quarter of college costs. However, when it comes to a college's financial aid budget, there is only so much money to go around, and schools must make decisions about how that money is spent. According to a 2020 New America analysis that analyses financial help at 339 institutions, non-need aid, or merit aid, increased by 37% between 2014 and 2017, compared to need-based aid, which increased by 21%. During this time, these schools increased their non-need aid from $2.2 billion to nearly $3 billion. According to Robert Kelchen, associate professor of higher education at Seton Hall University in South Orange, New Jersey, some universities are attempting to give as much as they can to students, particularly Pell Grant recipients. However, he cautions, this does not guarantee that students will receive the full amount of financial help for which they are eligible; universities will only give what they budget for. How to urge more help for college Even if all institutions make a major reform to boost need-based aid, low-income students can still take advantage of the financial aid that is available. Here's how to do it. • Because most aid is awarded on a first-come, first-served basis, submit the FAFSA as soon as feasible before the start date (Oct. 1 each year). If your college requires it, fill out the CSS Profile as well. • Accept any Pell Grant and work-study money that comes your way. • Seek out scholarships, some of which are based on financial need. Try the Scholarships Search Tool from the US Department of Labor. • If you need a loan, borrow so that your monthly payments in your first year out of school are no more than 10% of your estimated after-tax monthly income. Take out federally subsidised student loans first. • If your financial position has changed since you filed the FAFSA, contact your college to request additional financial help. See Also: Four FAFSA Tips for Students With Divorced Parents Tips To Earn Scholarships Without The FAFSA Do Students Have to Pay Back Financial Aid (FAFSA)? Costly FAFSA Mistakes You Should Avoid

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A Full Guide on Getting Oxford University Scholarships for Pakistani Students
A Full Guide on Getting Oxford University Scholarships for Pakistani Students

Oxford Universityis without a doubt one of the world's greatest educational institutions, having been in operation for centuries. But why do I refer to Oxford university scholarships for Pakistani students as "Legendary" when there are many other universities that are even highly regarded, such as Cambridge. Oxford is one of the most well regarded academic institutions in the world. When it first opened its doors to full-ride OxfordUniversity Scholarships for Pakistani students from all over the world. The University of Oxford has always been the best scholarship to study in Oxford University in the world when it comes to education. They offer a wide range of educational options and a large list of them. Oxford University's Tuition A renowned and prestigious Oxford university scholarships for Pakistani students, but it's not simple to get in. Firstly, due to the high level of competition and the high cost of their fees. According to Oxford's official website, the cost of studying there is shown challenges scholarship to study in Oxford University. Clinical Medicine's fees are not included in this table, and they will be significantly higher. Due to a government-imposed quota, they can only admit 14 international students to the medical program. Valuation of the Scholarship One economy-class travel to Oxford at the beginning of the Oxford university scholarships for Pakistani students, as well as an economy-class journey back to the student's home country upon completion of the Scholarship, are included in the Rhodes Scholarship. All academic and personal conduct requirements must be met at all times for the duration of the scholarship. Eligibility Rhodes types Oxford university scholarships for Pakistani students; applicants must meet the following requirements: You must have earned a first-class degree in your undergraduate studies or an equivalent. You must be a Pakistani citizen and have a Pakistani passport to participate. Pakistani citizens who have studied in a Pakistani university or college for a minimum of four of the last ten years are eligible to apply. I passed the 12th standard, A-level, or an equivalent test at a Pakistani school or institution. Have got or would receive a bachelor's degree or mark sheet from a Pakistani university showing that they are eligible for an undergraduate degree You must have been born between 30 September 1992 and 1 October 1998, which means you must have achieved your 19th birthday by 1 October 2017 and not have passed your 25th birthday. Process of Application Apply online in Oxford University for Pakistani students, which is the preferred method of submitting your application. A postal or courier delivery confirmation must be provided by candidates who have trouble submitting the application online and who have completed and printed the online application in full, along with copies of all essential papers. In order to submit a completed application, please send Oxford university scholarships for Pakistani students on given address: President of the Pakistan Youth Hostels Association Shaheed-e-Millat Road Sector G-6/4 Aabpara Islamabad Pakistan Youth Hostels Association Ways to Get into Oxford University Scholarships for Pakistani Students Many students aspire to attend Oxford University, a world-renowned institution of higher learning. When applying to a prominent university, enthusiasm and aptitude for your chosen field of study are essential. To be considered for admission to Oxford, you must already be considered an expert in the field in which you wish to pursue further study. Begin the process early of scholarship to study in Oxford University, as you will need to have a thorough understanding of your chosen topic and build on that knowledge with more readings and hands-on learning opportunities. Be Fervent in your Feelings As a prospective Oxford university scholarship for Pakistani students, you have an advantage if you show an interest in your chosen topic of study. Learn as much as you can about your chosen field of study outside of the classroom by doing additional reading. You can even take additional lessons. Get the Best Marks Make it a priority to do well in high school. This will look good on your resume. Your grades will need to meet Oxford's high criteria for full-ride Oxford university scholarships for Pakistani students. It's important to maintain a healthy balance between your academic and extracurricular pursuits, but this doesn't imply you should give up your hobbies and focus solely on your studies all day. An applicant's ability to demonstrate a wide range of skills is desirable. Review the Oxford University Admissions Handbook The admissions website provides access to this handbook, which is updated each year. Make certain you're reading the relevant guide for the year in which you're applying. You'll have a better idea of how the admissions process works and what you need to submit an application. Conclusion The Rhodes type Oxford university scholarships for Pakistani students are postgraduate grants for exceptional all-round pupils. A testamentary gift from Cecil Rhodes in 1902 saw the creation of the Rhodes scholarship, which has since grown to be one of the world's most prestigious international scholarship programs.

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