Most Prestigious Undergraduate Scholarships 2022

Dear students, if you are looking for new opportunities in various spheres (science, humanities, and so on), this article is for you. The university or college is a range of possible options and impressions. And certainly scholarship search. If you are a perfect and competitive candidate for any of these scholarships, don’t be afraid to take part. You’ll have new knowledge, skills, professional growth, and friends from any college all over the world. Getting acquainted with a new culture is also a plus. Moreover, all the scholarships usually have good funding, so you’ll have minimal expenses on your own. Here is the list of 5 of the most prestigious undergraduate scholarships in 2022. So read about grants and choose the best option for you.

Churchill scholarship

The British prime minister appreciated science. And this program was established to support American youth and to fulfill his vision of scientific exchange between Great Britain and the USA. His main aim was to promote science and mathematics. Students from a limited range of institutions can apply. 14 scholarships per year are available. The Churchill scholarship gives funding for spending one master’s year at Cambridge (on the base of Churchill's college). The application deadline for the next scholarship is November 2022. The main criteria are achievements, research talent, and wonderful personal qualities. The most prestigious academic scholarship gives full funding to study at the University of Cambridge (the aforementioned college) and take part in international exchange. It is a dream of every young scientist, isn’t it?

Henry Luce foundation scholarship

The main aim of this prestigious scholarship is to enhance the understanding of Asia among leaders. It is among generous scholarships too. It can serve as a graduate research fellowship too. 15-18 scholarships have been available each year since 1974. College seniors, graduate students, and young professionals in the sphere of humanities are invited to take part in the international exchange. They should be native Americans or live in the USA and be without any Asian experience. The language training and professional placement are given to college students. All the expenses are covered. The participants will work at any museum, NGO, think tank, or private company for 13 months and make money. They’ll come back with unforgettable experiences and an understanding of the other culture.

National merit scholarship

The main mission of this prestigious undergraduate scholarship is to honor the most talented American students. This scholars program shows that proper studying is necessary and prestigious, and inspires students to pay attention to their education and success. Several hundred scholarships are available each year. The maximum sum of financing is $2500. The general fund exists thanks to businesses, top companies, and individuals. It is very important to be well-prepared and know the format of tests, interviews, or check some scholarship essay examples. The participants of selection are taking the Preliminary SAT/National Merit Scholarship Qualifying Test. There are several stages of the competition. Scholarships are awarded as a prize to those who won. So get ready and don’t hesitate to apply.

Barry M. Goldwater scholarship

This opportunity is among prestigious college scholarships. This scholarship was founded to commemorate senator Barry Goldwater, who has served his country as a governor and as a soldier. Exactly 450 scholars from college can be supported each year. It is one of the most prestigious scholarships in the USA in the sphere of science and engineering. This opportunity is for college students (sophomores and juniors) who are going to serve the nation in this field. The financing is given for a particular year (maximum $7500 for the academic year). Sophomores can apply for more semesters. You can read about the eligibility criteria and selection process on the website.

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Harry S. Truman scholarship

It is a possible option for applicants, who want to work in the branch of governance, public service, education, and other non-benefit sectors. 55-65 scholarships up to $30000 are available for juniors each year. Such a national foundation was established in honor of the US President and the development of his ideas and policy. Truman wanted to develop a class of well-educated and professional state servants. Thanks to such an opportunity the youth will have extra motivation to become perfect managers, judges, teachers, and so on. Community service will be winning for many years after a graduate study of any student with numerous awards.

This is our top-5 list. But among the other prestigious scholarships, we can mention the National science foundation graduate and the Jack Kent Cooke Foundation. Study the criteria of each scholarship and prepare well. Use online educational services that can help. For example, check out the PapersOwl review, as they may be the ones to help you. Practice more in your favorite field and do anything possible for self-development not only for college.


As you can see there are many scholarships for undergraduate students from different branches, different universities, and colleges. Both for men and women. Either technology, medicine, science, humanities, and state governance. Such opportunities are a wonderful motivation for college students. Young people are brilliant specialists with extra financial support and good social contacts. They travel all over the world or stay in the US. Just like what you do and spend some time on self-education.

Check the conditions of each program very attentively, divide your time for preparation rationally, and don’t miss the deadlines. Each scholarship program shows that you are necessary for your country and that you are perfect. That’s why we ask you to try your best and don’t lose the opportunities for college students. You can do more than you can ever think. To inspire and be inspired!

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