Top 5 Easy Scholarships To Apply For

In 2021, higher education at a foreign institution became more accessible to everyone. It used to be the privilege of the wealthy to study abroad because paid programs are really expensive. Even by the standards of our prestigious institutions. However, there are scholarships that can cover all (or almost all) of the college student's expenses. We will tell you what they are.

Since 2007, a period when the general context of the higher entities in Europe was changing. Because of these current processes, it has become important to apply for scholarships. In order to provide students with the best and free conditions, a number of countries have made significant steps in reforming the policy and system of higher education. All the necessary resources are in place for this.

Now there is a varying degree of progress in all countries covered by the scholarship process. All educational institutions are rushing to share their offers with all comers. Just sign up and enter the site to create an application for free essays programs. It can be quick, it doesn't take much time.

Studying in the United States: Fulbright

This scholarship program 2022 is available to great college students, teachers, academics, people in the arts, and international employees. Fulbright is funded by the U.S. government. Participants in the university scholarship 2022 program study at partner institutions. High school scholars receive a monthly stipend, health insurance, and a return flight to and from America. But Fulbright is also starting to be a faculty member. High school seniors, as opposed to high school juniors, can get financial aid and pay for college. If scholars are interested in the specific criteria of college scholarship 2022, they should do a scholarship search beforehand. College or high school students can also win a $1,000 scholarship at select schools. Tips for winning college scholarships can help to succeed.

In the U.S. Fulbright is relevant to all universities. But college scholarships are given only the opportunity to express their preferences, but not to choose where to study. When the college scholarships program ends, participants must return to their home country for two years. This is necessary to apply school scholarships for women to the knowledge gained in practice.

The Fulbright competition is held in 3 stages: completion of the online app form and an English test, then an interview in English, and the final one - confirmation of admission.

Required documents for the scholarship: online application, letters of recommendation, diploma of study, resume, and essay.

Studying in Germany: DAAD

The DAAD is a German easy no-essay scholarship program for international exchange. It is started for second-year and undergraduate college and graduate scholars, academics, and teachers who teach architecture, visual and theatrical arts, and music. The scholarship program includes four varieties: summer exchange school trips to learn about the culture of the country, obtaining a master's and doctoral degree, and internships for teachers and scientists.

The courses last 3-4 weeks, and the trip takes 7-12 days. For college students who study in Germany in the pedagogical universities, there is a special exchange program. During this easy scholarship, holders have the opportunity to work as teaching assistants in study institutions. Easy studying scholarship programs under the DAAD college program are usually issued for one year. They can be extended if the learner effectively works in the chosen direction.

Studying in the UK: Chevening

If you want to get a master's degree at an institution in the UK, the Chevening program can help you. It exists for professionals and has no age limit. The Chevening selection committee does not look at gender, orientation, religion, or relationship status. But you will be required to submit well-written applications that reflect your skills and abilities as well. As your ability to withstand the rigors of a challenging master's money scholarship program.

The scholarship application form should be filled out online and in English. If you get on the candidate list, you will be invited to the nearest British embassy for a personal interview. There you will be asked about your life goals, aspirations, strengths, and the reason you chose a particular course. To take part in the program, write four motivation letters on the following topics: leadership, your communication skills, your plans for the future, and the importance of getting your degree in Britain. Chevening provides full tuition, room, board, and all travel expenses. The scholarship application process should begin in advance.

Studying in France: Eiffel Excellence

If you are a fan of fine cuisine, beautiful architecture, and luxurious ski resorts, you should definitely try to join the French essay scholarships program Eiffel Excellence. Its academic qualities are consistently well-received by graduates, and you can get a master's or a postgraduate degree in it.

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It is a prerequisite of the program to have internships in France during your studies in order to apply your knowledge in practice. The learner community has the right to take a year off for an internship, to start their own business, or to change their program of study. However, the benefits of the scholarship will not be applied during this year. You will have to move out of the dormitory and the payments will be suspended. The essay scholarships cover tuition and living expenses (including food), personal expenses, airfare, and excursions.

Studying in the Netherlands: NESO

The NESOprogram is divided into two types: the Tulip Scholarship Program (OTS) and the Holland Scholarship. Applying to 20+ institutions in the Netherlands. It is open to school students who want to complete an undergraduate, graduate, or MBA degree. Candidates usually receive a 50% tuition discount. Sometimes tuition is covered in full. In the case of the no-essay scholarship program 2022, the successful candidate receives 5,000 euros.

Selection criteria: academic and scholarly achievements, high-grade point average, good grades in certain areas. Age limit: 18 to 35 years old. In the case of MBA, the upper limit is shifted to 45 years old. Scholarships require documents: CV, letters of recommendation, motivation letter, English IELTS of 6.0 or TOEFL iBT of 80, and confirmation that you have been admitted to Dutch academia.

Scholarship Programs

Applicants to foreign universities expect to receive an easy no-essay scholarship to cover part of their tuition costs. There are three sources of funding: a government foundation, an academic, or a private foundation. In order to be guaranteed winning the program, you should use the help of experts. Therefore, Edusson reviews can help, because here you can find examples of essays to write the perfect cover letter. And a lot of other help

German Academic Exchange Service unites more than two hundred higher institutions and more than a hundred student organizations. Every year this foundation awards about six thousand easy scholarships and grants. The most famous easiest scholarships are those for master's degree programs in Germany. In addition to master's easy studying programs, funding is available for study trips to Germany, studying German, research programs, postgraduate studies, and much more.


Getting two easy scholarships at once is unlikely. But it is possible to apply for scholarships several times to different foundations and count on one of them in the end. If you would like to try your hand at winning a scholarship, read more information on the foundation's website.

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