Best Digital Marketing Scholarship In Nepal

Marketing strategies have changed as consumers' sources of information and entertainment have changed over the course of time. According to the current digital marketing trends, reports have shown that digital marketing is showing a growth trend of up to 25% Y-o-Y. Radio advertising paved the way for TV advertising, which changed with the emergence of the internet. 

The internet paved the way for the revolution of digital marketing. Digital marketing refers to using digital platforms to advertise products and services via multiple media like text, pictures, audio and video. Digital marketing enables marketers to highly optimise their efforts and earn much better returns on their investment in marketing. 

Traditional Marketing VS Digital Marketing

Traditional marketing includes- 

  • Television advertisements

  • Newspaper advertisements 

  • Billboard advertisements 

  • Radio Advertisements 

  • Cold calling 

On the other hand, digital marketing includes-

  • Instagram and Facebook advertisements 

  • Google advertisements 

  • Youtube advertisements 

  • Advertisements on various other social media platforms like- Linkedin, Snapchat etc. 

Digital marketing allows you to track multiple parameters during an advertisement campaign, which ensures that you can optimise your efforts and tailor them according to your target audience and get the best results possible.

Learn Digital Marketing

With the advent of online learning, learning digital marketing has never been easier. 

You can learn digital marketing in Nepal online and become a certified digital marketer and take up a highly rewarding job position in the field in a matter of mere months

IIDE is India’s premier digital marketing institute. With more than 2,35,000 students trained from them in all topics of digital marketing across the globe, IIDE ensures that its students receive a tailored, relevant curriculum that will enable them to upskill themselves by adopting a future-focused approach toward education.

IIDE is launching their 4 Month Advanced Level Digital Marketing Course in Nepal

In this course, you will learn digital marketing through industry professionals in an in-depth manner. Furthermore, on successful completion of the course, you will receive an internationally recognised certificate. 

A few key highlights of IIDE’s course are as follows

  • 1-on-1 live mentoring 

  • 100% placement assistance

  • Resume and interview training

  • 100+ hours of live class

  • 50+ hours of videos 

  • 20+ industry tools mastery

  • Opportunity to work on live brand projects 

Through IIDE’s placement assistance, their alumni have successfully secured highly rewarding jobs at major companies like Feat International, Schbang and Mediacom to name a few. 

Scholarships At IIDE

At IIDE, the opportunity to learn is for everyone. IIDE offers highly rewarding scholarships to their students. On enrollment with IIDE, you can avail yourself of scholarships of up to 50% ( NPR 70,000) on the total price of the course. 


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To Conclude,

The scope of digital marketing in the current industry has emerged as a profession that is a common choice for most job seekers. The demand for digital marketing expertise has also increased as businesses have been actively switching to digital means of marketing. 

This is why there is no time like the present to start your digital marketing journey with IIDE.