Why Learn Spanish In Spain?

Living in the Iberian Peninsula while you are taking everyday Spanish classes can become a once-in-a-lifetime experience for those foreigners who decide to try new adventures.

When students decide to take a Spanish course Madrid, they will be able to learn about all the different and various cultures that converge in the country of Spain. All the food is available for tourists to try, and in case they do not, they will always have more options. In addition, the numerous leisure activities that the different points of the Spanish geography will offer unique moments. Not only will students studying in Expanish learn the Spanish culture, but also the European culture and reality, both in its political and educational dimensions.

Nowadays, 21 countries use Spanish as an official language; it is also considered the second language of international communication and the third language mostly used on the internet. When thinking of social change, it is possible to say that Spanish Society is a culture that has to offer a spirit of integration and freedom. Moreover, they are respectful and are very welcoming to tourists and people from other religions. All these have led many people to come to live in Spain to work and study. Most people realize that they need to learn the language, so their first choice is almost always to study Spanish.

As a result of the coexistence of people from different cultures for centuries, the Spanish character is open, cheerful, tolerant, and respectful.

In Spain, the weather is also regarded as one of its main attractions, with thousands of hours of spectacular sunsets during the whole year; in Europe, it is seen as the country where you can go and enjoy the warm weather. The contrastive landscapes are at everyone’s disposal and very at hand. You will find leafy mountains, extensive valleys, green fields, the Mediterranean Sea, and forests. All these varieties in its landscapes and cultures make Spain a country where people can become more culturally enriched apart from studying.

Another essential attraction worth mentioning is that Spanish food is one of the most wonderful and delicious. Among the most common ones and specific to the Spanish culture, you may find tortilla, and paella, among others. Also, nowadays, more modern ways of cooking have become the main characters in this scenario.

Moreover, the Iberian peninsula is full of treasures worth visiting, like Alhambra Granada, Camino de Santiago de Compostela, etc. However, this is not all; this country's cultural impact on literature, with Cervantes, paintings by Goya, Dali, and Velazquez, and worldwide known famous architecture like Gaudí’s magnificent works of art.

During their stay, students and visitors can enjoy some fantastic, wonderful, and amusing traditional festivals, like Ferias, Semana Santa, and Carnivals, among others. These are very famous festivals which most students and visitors probably must have heard of.

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Financial Support

Some people may be wondering how the economy works in this beautiful country, especially in Madrid, Spain's capital. As it generally happens in many countries it depends, for example: renting a flat downtown, well, it may be expensive compared to living on the other side of the river, for instance, Puerta del Angel, where it is possible to live with 1000 euros, and the rent is a lot cheaper compared to downtown. It also depends on the situation each person is going through. However, it should be considered that we are describing one of the most well-known capitals from around the world.


The courses for people from other countries to come and learn Spanish will prepare them to learn all that is necessary to go out and live a life in Madrid.

There are different programs, for example, Intensive Spanish Courses, Exams preparations, English for Professionals, this, in particular, is an essential one because if you are a professional and want to work in an essential Company in Spain, knowing the language of your profession is a point in favor; also students will find University Pathways courses and also online courses. 

What is more, about these courses is that students can adapt them to their needs. So, if you start in a group in an Intensive course, and then you see that it is not working for you, you can decide to undergo the private lessons. In case you do not want to leave your classmates, you can also take both at the same time, private and group lessons. There are also long-term courses, but as mentioned before, courses are tailor-made; that is, each student can choose how many weeks they are going to study and take the system, it can be from 1 week to 50 weeks of studying Spanish in Madrid.

Nowadays, studying in Spain has become a sensation since the Academic level is one of the highest around the world. Many students who want to start looking at university have come to learn Spanish and say that they came not knowing anything about the language. Teachers helped them improve and become more fluent in Spanish and pronunciation. Sometimes learning a language can be frustrating and very difficult. In those moments, it is vital to know that it is not impossible to understand and produce it, in this case, the Spanish language. It is also essential to find support from those teachers who are prepared to teach you and show you the path through the process of learning. It may sometimes be slow too, but you should study at your own pace, and if you miss a class, ask for homework or check the classes online to find the material.

It is also worth mentioning that students might find people from other countries and cultures inside the Spanish School. Therefore, it is also an excellent exercise to start practicing the language with those at the school undergoing your exact situation or at least have experienced them once.

Learning a language is fantastic, and it is the most satisfying sensation when you listen to some native speaker talking. Finally, you understand it, and when you can answer, it is even more enjoyable. Do not waste your time, do not doubt. Your time is now.

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