Best Scholarships For Creative Writers In 2022

Nowadays, students don't have to take student loans to pay for their education and additional creative courses. It is available for students of different skills, knowledge, and specializations. In this post, we would like to discuss creative writing students and their education in detail. Having talent is great, but it is not enough to become a professional and high-quality writer. You need to grow your skills and replenish your knowledge by learning different courses and meeting outstanding writers who can share their personal experiences.

However, most such courses are quite expensive and not available for all students who want to become professional and creative writers. That is why many of them apply for different scholarships to get enough finance or get into one of the writing courses at the colleges. We collected the compilation of the best scholarships for creative writers in 2022, check it out. 

The Scholastic Art and Writing Awards

The Scholastic Art and Writing Awards are suitable for different types and styles of writing. This award was created by the group of modern writers, which is officially called The Alliance for Young Artists and Writers. They look for brilliant and creative writers all over the world, some of which can even join their community. The awards include several scholarships for different achievements in writing and art in general. 

Basically, The Scholastic Art and Writing Awards have 10 various writing categories, making them available to a wide audience. Each winner receives $10000 for further education and growing their writing skills. These awards also have additional money prizes for writers who cannot participate in the scholarship program yet but show significant results in best paper writing services reviews

Blogging Scholarships

Blogging is a rather new direction in modern writing but it has already become an inevitable part of this activity. Blogging entails writing short posts as well as long personal essays, online diaries, and so on. Blogging Scholarships propose a $10000 scholarship for popular and creative bloggers on social media, but it has to be unique and different for others for sure. 

According to writing service reviews Best Writers Online, the award is held annually, so bloggers have numerous opportunities to win the grant. However, only American bloggers or college students can participate in this contest. By getting this scholarship, bloggers will be able to continue their education in college or courses and promote their blogs to a wider audience. 

BBB Torch Talk Scholarship

This scholarship is created by  Better Business Bureau (BBB)—a company that deals with educating their customers on the reasons for different concerns they face on marketplaces. BBB owns a modern online magazine Torch Talk that helps them to reach out to their consumers and build stronger and more trusting relationships with them. 

The award entails 6 winners who will get $2000 and also get the opportunity to write an article for the magazine. The most talented will also be capable of getting a job in this magazine. To participate, students or writers just need to write a 500-word personal essay on the subject they think is appropriate for this contest. 

Insight Scholarship

This writing scholarship is available for students with disabilities who study in colleges in some US states, particularly California, Oregon, and Washington. Commonly, the award is presented to 50 participants, but the number can be scaled based on the results of the contest. The students will be asked to write two essays in the form they prefer—text or video, it all depends on their personal creativity. Each winner will receive $2500 to continue learning the subjects they would love to. 

Hope College Creative Writing Award

Hope College Creative Writing Award is available for high-school students who have already decided to enter Hope college after their graduation from school, this condition is a must. The winner of this award gets the opportunity to learn creative writing for the entire year for free, meeting the famous writers who will share their knowledge and experience.

 To apply to this scholarship, each participant needs to write a short personal essay on any subject, and provide a portfolio of writing and a recommendation letter from the school or writing teacher to prove the portfolio and writing skills.

Norma Ross Walter Scholarship

The Norma Ross Walter Scholarship is available for a limited group of students, directly for Nebraska high-school students, including all educational facilities. This award provides the ability to learn the creative writing course at the college, meaning the winner gets the finances to pay for that course.

 An important condition is that only females can take part in this contest who have already selected the college they would like to enter after school graduation. The deal is that this scholarship is named after  Norma Ross Walter, a newspaper editor in California during the World War. This award entails three winners, each of which receives a money prize from $1250 to $2500. 

Beyoncé Formation Scholars Scholarship Program

Beyoncé Knowles-Carter’s Formation Scholars Scholarship Program aims to support females in different areas to help them grow their skills, knowledge, and opportunities. This scholarship is available for women that are engaged in creating literature, music, or other types of art. 

Due to the writing service Writing Judge, this contest is accessible to females who study at particular colleges or universities. These are Spelman College, Howard University, Parsons School of Design, and  Berklee College of Music. To apply for this scholarship, students can find out the details and terms of this award at the college administration. 

To conclude

Taking everything into account, we can say that applying for and winning a scholarship is not as challenging as you may think. All you need to do is to study hard and give all your creativity in the essay for application. One of the counted scholarships can make your dream come true and provide you with money to learn the writing course you would love to. Just be confident in your efforts, writing skills, and knowledge.