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Common Scholarship Mistakes Students Make And How to Avoid Them
Common Scholarship Mistakes Students Make And How to Avoid Them

We all learn from mistakes but that doesn’t mean that we all should commit mistakes rather we can also learn from other’s mistakes. And especially when it comes to the matter of scholarship application, we should learn how to avoid common mistakes. This article will help you to learn all the dos and don’ts of a scholarship application. Scholarships help you to study in the college or university of your choice without applying for numerous student loans. And millions of students compete for a single scholarship. So, you should know what you must do and what you shouldn’t to optimize your chance of getting a scholarship. Here are some suggestions for you. And at first, we will discuss the mistakes that you must not commit and then we will discuss what you must do. Let’s start. 1.Avoid The Failure to Research About All Scholarship Options: Whenever you are searching for scholarships, do complete research and use all the resources. What happens very frequently is that if you just search online, you may miss out on the local scholarships. Hence, along with using online content, you must visit the local community centers and clubs to find out if any scholarship is available there or not. And whenever you are searching about the scholarships, go through all the eligibility criteria very carefully. You must check the required age, gender, nationality, ethnicity, extra-curricular activities, financial conditions, geographic locations, etc. And yes, there is no limit to how many times you can apply for scholarships, so don’t limit yourself from searching out all the possibilities for your own inconvenience. 2. Don’t Forget to Clean Up Your Social Media Profiles: Nowadays, the best option to know about a person is to visit his or her social media handles. And it is also done by the organizers because they want to filter out the best-qualified applicants and hence, they also keep an eye on the applicant’s social media profiles. So, do check your posts on social media and keep in mind that your posts must not include any inappropriate jokes, foul language, bullying content or any inappropriate photo. And if there are any of such contents available there, please clean up all that. 3.Don’t Fail to Maintain The Deadline: Each and every scholarship has its deadline and that must be maintained by the applicants. Actually, it is your responsibility to submit the deadline within the proper time and that shows your sincerity and dedication towards achieving the scholarship. So, if you fail to maintain the deadline, it will leave a bad impression on your candidature. Hence, value your time. 4.Don’t Forget to Send All The Paperwork: Whenever you are doing the research, you must make a list of documents that are required for the specific scholarships. And you must provide all the documents according to the list. Generally, the common requirements include a copy of your photo id, copies of your high school and college’s scorecards, recommendation letter, personal statement and your resume. Have a check on all of these and obviously fill up all the portions of the application form. And along with all the required documents, submit them within the due date. 5.Don’t Start Late: Whenever you are going to apply for a scholarship, always start early. The sooner you will start, the better you will be organized. Actually, you will need some time to collect all the required documents (such as the recommendation letter) and hence, start preparing yourself very early. 6.Write Down The Essay Carefully: In some scholarship applications, you need to write down an essay. And the biggest mistake regarding this essay is to use it repetitively in several applications. So, here, I just want to remind you that every scholarship is different and hence, the required essay will also be very specific. Hence, go through the topic of the essay very carefully and then write it down. And yes, don’t use the same essay for different applications. 7.Don’t Forget to Proofread The Whole Application: Proofreading is an important part of any application before it gets submitted. So, take the help of your mentor or a willing friend of yours so that they can help you in the proofreading. Always proofread your applications, essays, personal statements and supporting documents before submitting all that. You may take a break before you finish the writing and start proofreading. Because that really helps to find out the mistakes (if any). 8.Don’t Fall For A Scam: While you are applying for scholarships, you need to be cautious about scammers. If a scholarship opportunity seems to be too good to believe, then be aware of all that. Do thorough research and if you need then take the help of your career counselor. Get the scholarship verified by the career counselor if it really exists or not and then go for it. So, avoiding such mistakes optimizes your chance of winning a scholarship and also saves your time. And along with all the above suggestions, here are some other tips that will also help you. 1. Do keep track of the deadline. 2. Do keep all your documents at hand. 3. Do keep track of submitted applications. And I think, now you are totally ready to fill up your scholarship forms without any flaws.

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What You Need to Know about Non-Traditional Scholarships
What You Need to Know about Non-Traditional Scholarships

Many circumstances make a person delay their education. But when they get back to studying, they can still get a scholarship. Scholarships and grants for non-traditional students are more common than they may seem. And if you are a non-traditional student, don’t think that you don’t deserve a grant! Professionals of the WriteMyEssays team are happy to share the information you need on this matter. How To Define a Non-Traditional Student? There is no universal definition. Every higher education institution interprets this term in their way. Most commonly, those are people who had to postpone their education for some reason. They might have decided to instantly go to work after finishing secondary school. Or they have chosen family above getting an education. Whatever the reason is, they had to leave college or never even enter it. And more specifically, the categories of non-traditional students are... Students above a certain age Usually, if a person is 25+ years old and they want to go to college, you can call them a non-traditional student. They might have tried to get an education before but for some reason never went to the end of this path. Or they have never been to a college. These conditions are not essential. The main thing is that they do not have a complete higher education at their age. People under 25 years old with a college experience If a person hasn’t reached the milestone of a concrete age but has tried to study in a college, you can also consider them a non-traditional student. Single parents of any age Usually, it’s people who have been parenting for many years. When they finally get an opportunity to get a higher education, they go for any form of educational progress. Typically, they do this to improve their skills to get better work and improve their financial state. Women who had to skip college The most common case in this category is a woman who had to raise a child or many children. These women spend eons of time on housewifery and often also work. Of course, it becomes difficult for them to combine this all with studying. But when they get the chance to go to college, they have all the opportunities to get a scholarship. Alternative non-trad student definitions As we said, some institutions may have extra definitions for non-traditional students. These categories are not that common. Yet, you can find colleges that will consider your situation non-traditional. First-generation education seekers Let’s turn to Rochelle Sharpe from The New York Times. According to her, you can say that this student is non-traditional if they are the first ones in their family to go to college. There are many reasons for that. Maybe, their family didn’t have enough money to send anyone to college. Or they had no privileges of other forms earlier. Students from families with low income There is nothing to grovel about. This situation is completely understandable. Commuter participants in the educational process If you are a student who lives far away from college, you can consider yourself non-traditional too. Students who can’t stay on the campus during studying Some institutions consider these cases as non-traditional too. Whatever the reason is, there is a way to get this particular person a grant. But this interpretation is somewhat a rarity. Part-time education seekers Some people can be present at a college or university only part-time. And this is understandable. Again, there might be any reason for that. The most common is when a student has to work 35+ hours per week to maintain their financial situation. Even if they are financially independent, they can still get a grant. Other cases This list can go further but these cases are not common. You have to pay attention to a concrete policy of a higher education institution. Who To Turn to For a Non-Traditional Scholarship? There are multiple associations and organizations which help those special students get a grant. For instance, it can be ANTSHE — Association for Nontraditional Students in Higher Education. If you are a female non-traditional student, a better choice will be the Women’s Independence Scholarship Program. Other coalitions can help you to get a nontraditional student grant. Also, pay attention to the policy of a particular higher education institution. If they have alternative interpretations of non-trad students and you fit in one, you can ask the administration directly. The “Volume” Of Non-Traditional Student Scholarships and Grants It’s okay to ask how much money you will obtain if you get a non-traditional scholarship. There is no particular answer, unfortunately. That depends on who you turn to. If this is the educational institution you are going to, then the scholarship can be in the range of 500$ up to 2000$ per course. If it’s a charity company, which functions on donations, then it will be smaller. There are rare cases when some non-traditional students get a 10000$ scholarship. Their number is small, and they can get it only once a year. Usually, the standard payout is approximately 1000$ +/- 500$. Psychological Challenges Anyone May Face as a Non-Traditional Student Whoever a non-traditional student is, there are always challenges for them. The most unpleasant and significant one is the fear that they won’t manage. For instance, women had to raise children and attend to the household (sometimes men). They don’t have the confidence to even apply. Another case is people who survived domestic violence or had long-lasting diseases. They too doubt their abilities. Or it may be people who had to work extra instantly after school to help their family. Whatever the reason is, it’s important to support these participants in an educational process. Another common challenge is the financial state of a particular non-traditional student. They might be dependent on their family or, vice versa, work extra to manage a self-supporting life. All these and many more situations one can solve by getting a scholarship for non-trad students. This is why non-traditional scholarships and grants exist. And if you feel like you need one, don’t be shy to try! Everyone deserves it, and you are no exception. Read more: Reasons Why You Should Go After Small Scholarships Everything You Need To Know About Renewable Scholarships

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Guide to Writing a Killer Scholarship Personal Statement
Guide to Writing a Killer Scholarship Personal Statement

A personal statement or college essay is mandatory when applying for college and financial assistance. The committee spends time perusing through tons of written material and will only choose those that stand out. This piece of writing can be more than a little tricky. How are you supposed to write something that will be better than thousands of other submissions? You will need to have an edge that will make all others look trivial. If you don’t have an unbeatable story of your past, your best bet is your writing skill. It helps to look through college personal statement example templates online, but those will only serve to motivate you to find something you can make your own. You may also want to seek the assistance of the best-skilled writer you can find since this is one of those things you cannot afford to get wrong. Why an Effective Personal Statement Matters The selection committee for scholarships has several personal statement submissions, so they sometimes pay little attention to those that don’t catch the eye right away. You want to know what they are looking for to stand a chance for financial help, which is why you may want to hire a writer. Just searching ‘help with my personal statement’ gives you the best options online. Getting it right the first time is the most critical step in securing a scholarship. You can deal with the rest later. Note that you will not be alone at this; thousands of students from the UK and other parts of the world do this too. This piece of writing is the first impression you make on your recruiter. They will not meet you in person to see your charm or anything else, so you want to ensure that the version of you they see is sufficient to get you the outcome you want. This is also the chance to let your personality shine since the committee is also moved by exciting people. You want to make yourself sound irresistible, so they know it would be their loss if they left you out. Tips on Writing a Personal Statement Here are some things that will take a personal statement from 0-100 in seconds; Start as Soon as Possible Some students wait until the last minute to write their statements and then rush it at the last minute. If it works for you, that’s okay, but it takes time to write a high-quality paper. As soon as you find out you need to write a statement, get started to have enough time to proofread and make adjustments later. Plan your Essay There is a method to British academic papers. You have the intro, body, and conclusion. You want to keep the introduction short and straight to the point, letting them know a few things about you that can be only found on a personal statement, like why you need financial assistance. In the body, you will let them know more about why this scholarship means what it does to you. Any extraordinary story can be told here. Let Your Personality Shine The essay does not have to be uninteresting simply because it is formal. Let the reader see the person they are dealing with through your text. This gives you a higher chance of being selected. Let it Rest Before Proofreading Proofreading is one of the most important parts of writing, so you want to let the brief rest before you work on this bit. If you are unsure what you have written and would like a second eye, you may want to hire someone to go through it fast. Proofreading and editing are quite cheap so that you can afford them on a student’s budget. What Does a Scholarship Personal Statement Entail? There are several personal statement ideas online that can help you write a great essay. This write-up captures; Who you are Where you are from What your dreams and aspirations are Why this financial assistance would be of great service to you. Conclusion You don’t have to kill yourself while writing a personal statement. If it is too hard to do by yourself, let writers who do this for a living help you. They have written enough statements to know what ticks the boxes of interviewing committees, so they will not be playing hit or miss. If you have a personal story that you know stands out, then this is the time to use it. Let your writer know so they can incorporate it into your story. You can also check online scholarship personal statement examples for inspiration. Read more: Things Students Need to Know During COVID-19 How to Pay for College During the COVID Pandemic

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How To Apply For Unicaf Scholarship?
How To Apply For Unicaf Scholarship?

Are you inquisitive about making use of for a Unicaf Scholarship and to apply for Unicaf scholarship in addition your training and enhance your marketing, then you definitely want to examine this text approximately Unicaf Scholarship. Although to start with centered most effective on Africa, it has multiplied the need of scholarships to college students from everywhere in the global in the event that they meet sure admission necessities. Study facilities are designed to encompass virtual libraries, laptop labs, the Internet and mills and decrease the probability that scholars will look at in regions wherein infrastructure is scarce. In this text, we are able to be discussing what the Unicaf bursary is all approximately, which includes unique information about Unicaf University and how to apply for Unicaf scholarship. Unicaf University Unicaf University is positioned in 11 African nations and at the campus of numerous branches which include this one in Zambia. The campuses goal to offer some pupil offerings and face-to-face publications to help the net shipping model. You can without problems apply for Unicaf scholarship, making the most of the contemporary-day visible net environment! Degrees offered to accomplice universities are diagnosed worldwide. Benefits Of Unicaf Scholarships Flexible, 24/7 Internet Students will get the best internet to apply for Unicaf scholarship. All this is wished is to maintain up together along with your deadline. The Best Scholarships Available Students have already benefited from extra than $ one hundred million scholarships offered for his or her educational journey. Low Cost, High Level Save your finances and apply for Unicaf scholarship soon. Reasons For Selecting UNICAF Scholarship The Unicaf Scholarship Program became hooked up to permit gifted and negative college students to keep their research, earn across the world diagnosed levels at low fee, with on line publications or on campus publications to be had most effective to college students interested to apply for Unicaf scholarship. If you're inquisitive about a Unicaf bursary, you could without problems follow on line. Successful college students get hold of a bursary percentage. UNICAF is one of the maximum extensively to be had bursary packages for African college students. What is Unicaf scholarship? The prestigious UNICAF Scholarship Program became released in order to provide gifted, gifted global college students from Africa a unprecedented possibility to in addition their research with the aid of using pursuing any across the world authorized diploma at very low fee, those levels are presented absolutely on line or via combined look at. The bursary overseas is one of the satisfactory bursary packages hosted with the aid of using African college students and further gives undergraduate and postgraduate look at possibilities main to awards at certainly considered one among its accomplice universities. Currently, UNICAF gives bursaries for internet packages presented with the aid of using the University of South Wales for the beyond 20 years, UNICAF affiliated establishments had been supplying bursaries to global college students. Successful college students had been capable of make a widespread contribution to their nations on a massive scale. How To Apply For Unicaf Scholarship2022 Application guidelines Each bursary software is taken into consideration and the very last choice is made primarily based totally at the individual's educational qualifications which includes the pupil's monetary status. Eligible college students can be presented a part-time scholarship. Apply and use the UNICAF Scholarship Program. Application Closing Date The bursary is ongoing, you could follow for a bursary possibility at any time to apply for Unicaf scholarship. Requirements For The UNICAF Scholarship Do now no longer earn extra than $20,000 a year. There ought to be a beginning in their path inside 6 months from the time of admission to look at one of the presented packages. It need to meet the necessities of certainly considered one among the right studying packages to apply for Unicaf scholarship. To register for Unicaf scholarship please go to the hyperlink segment of the UNICAF Scholarship associate application. UNICAF University- Why Choose This University Quality packages for countrywide and global discourses. Degrees with the equal value, recognition and reliability as all equal levels on campus Obtain across the world diagnosed levels with the aid of using reading online Apply for a bursary and get an authorized diploma at a totally low price Learn on line, end on campus! Conclusion Technology has advanced to the point that you may now complete your degree online, irrespective of your job or family obligations. If you have any concerns or encounter any issues related to how to apply for Unicaf scholarship, please seek answers and/or speak with any of theirAdmissions Consultants, who would be pleased to assist you.

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9 Best Courses for CFA Exam Prep
9 Best Courses for CFA Exam Prep

A chartered financial analyst exam is a globally accepted and recognized certification granted by the CFA Institute. Passing the CFA exam enables the individual to become a highly acclaimed finance and investment banking expert. It consists of three levels covering various aspects of economics, accounting, security analytics, money management, and ethics. To start your career as a chartered financial analyst, applicants must pass all three levels of the CFA. It is a well-designed tool to measure the professional acumen and analytical skills crucial to becoming a financial analyst. After passing an exam, the students have high chances to enjoy bright career prospects and new financial positions. However, it is not an easy task to ace the CFA exam. It is essential to show devotion and toil to get through one of the toughest exams of accounting and finance. To make that happen, one needs to be well prepared and, most of all, know when and where to start. We have noted down some CFA prep courses to help students with their CFA exam prep. Here are some courses you can choose from to help you prepare for the CFA exam efficiently and effectively. Wiley Efficient Learning Wiley Efficient Learning provides students with various packages with different pricing depending upon the quantity of the study material that the students need access to. The introductory self-study course includes practice questions and mock exams and costs around $645. Wiley CFA exam prep offerings are the latest and updated and do not contain questions not included in the curriculum. It also gives online or video format instructions, flashcards, and the right to access and email questions to an instructor. Students can opt to take 14 days of free access to get started and judge if it is the best choice of a learning platform to help them with their CFA prep. Kaplan/Schweser Kaplan/Schweser offers different study packages for different prices depending upon the student’s preference. The basic package is based on self-study and includes notes, planning tools, and practice exams. It can cost around $699. The highest-paid package is worth $999 and gives OnDemand instructions and review workshop access. Kaplan/Schweser also offers weekend and week-long review packages. Bloomberg CFA Exam Prep Bloomberg CFA exam prep is a platform that offers artificial intelligence-enabled learning that helps target and improve the weak areas in your exam preparation. Its self-study package includes “micro-lessons” and costs around $700. The basic package consists of seven full-length exams and 10,000+ questions. In addition, a student can also reach out to the instructor and ask 20 questions. Students can get access to instructors and practice questions for additional costs. Salt Solutions Salt Solutions’ packages include small manageable chunks of study materials that are easy to grab and absorb in 10 to 30 minutes. It keeps the students well-organized and flexible during their learning journey by offering a scheduler to set weekly goals and stay on track and monitor their performance. Salt Solutions offers downloadable videos and assignment questions. It also has a user-friendly interface for controlling the light and dark mode of the screen for giving students comfort and ease during the study. FinQuiz FinQuiz enables the students to use a study plan, chapter notes, smart summaries, formula sheets, an online question bank, and six mock exams. It offers a variety of options to choose from while focusing on the nature of questions expected to appear in an exam. The basic package of FinQuiz is priced at $299, including mock exams and questions. The premium package can cost around $599, and it provides access to an active study plan with detailed summaries of the study materials. The Princeton Review CFA The Princeton Review CFA offers preparation courses for levels I and II, including practice questions, video lectures, mock exams, flashcards, formula sheets, and study material slides. It enables students to pay separately for each level course, and it can cost around $599 and $499 complete payment after discount. Fitch Learning A basic Fitch learning self-study package costs $695. It also can add various add-ons at different prices and purchase them separately. For instance, it's $195 for questions, $60 for mock exams, and $475 for review courses. You can also use additional material such as online, live, or on-demand classes and pay their cost separately. My Guru MyGuru is a platform that features CFA charter holders as instructors, whether in-house or online learning. Students choose to optimize their learning experience based on timing and a learning method that suits their needs by purchasing sessions. The cost of tutoring sessions varies, but students can generally choose the lessons they need instruction for and get individualized attention to address their specific concerns. MyGuru is a well-suited study platform for those students who are not good at self-study and need constant attention to stay on track. An individual tutor can guide them to stay more focused and improve their underprepared topics and concepts by giving them customized study plans. Analyst Prep CFA The basic packages of the Analyst Prep CFA offer a practice program including mock exams, a question bank, and a performance tracker. It does not provide any study material, including videos and interactive lessons. You can pay $149 for this practice package. The unlimited package can only offer you access to study material of level I and the practice package of all three levels at the cost of $499. Conclusion It is always better to conduct proper research and choose the CFA review course that meets all your demands, including study needs, learning methods, and cost-effectiveness. You are responsible for your good or lousy preparation, so choose wisely by considering all the factors. To succeed with your CFA prep, keep in mind to choose a course that can help you prepare well and help you ace your exams.

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